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Progressive Personalized and Individualized Integrated Medicine

The integrative approach (link to differences) to promote health & healing through an integrative and holitic approach begins with:

  • A 1-2 hour appointment that comprises an extensive history and physical exam to “put the pieces together” to reveal the appropriate diagnoses, and design a plan of care and evaluation process using the patient's individual Triad of Wellness.












  • Use of traditional and nontraditional diagnostics such as labs (blood and saliva), imaging tests after alternative therapies exhausted (when appropriate): x-rays, MRI, CT scans.

Traditional Therapies:

  • Acupuncture

  • Chiropractic therapy

  • Massage therapy (using essential oils)

  • Medications (Lowest effective dose possible: i.e analgesics, antianxiety, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory)

  • Physical therapy (strengthen core muscles, improve body posture)

  • RICE therapy (rest, ice/heat, compression, elevation)


Alternative Therapies:

  • Standard Process/MediHerb Nutritional Supplementation to normalize the body processes to create a normal body weight and health by:

    • Detoxification:

      • Reduces or eliminates stress and environmental pollutants through detoxification to optimize digestion and use of botanicals and medicines to absorb through digestive tract and thus are appropriately used and eliminated by the liver, kidney, and circulatory systems.

      • Stimulate cellular metabolism to assist in waste removal through detoxification to improve nutrient delivery, protein synthesis to enhance rapid healing of allergies, chronic pain disorders (fibromyalgia), inflammatory conditions, soft tissue injuries, stress (physical and emotional), and wounds,.

    • Invigorate or stimulate adrenal glands to minimize or eliminate fatigue due to adrenal fatigue from ongoing stressors (link, see SP articles).


  • Essential Oils to perform:

    • Gentle manual muscle and connective tissue manipulation using essential oils to stimulate and balance the body’s energy to promote its self-healing process to resolve, minimize, or improve function of the body systems that may be compromised by toxins that are inhaled, digested, or stored through the skin which weakens the adrenal glands causing fatigue, stress, headaches, infections, and excessive weight.

    • Deep breathing exercises and inhalation therapy to reduce stress, create relaxed and calm feeling, reduce symptoms from respiratory allergies and upper respiratory infections (i.e. sinusitis, bronchitis).


Lifestyle Changes

  • Personalized, based on person’s individualized needs

  • Begin slow, Patient leaves with a list of tasks to do that will lead them to healthy lifestyles

  • Tools to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, or to improve sleep.


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