The Skimming the Surface, the Cover-Up, or Band-Aid Approach


Conventional physicians on a whole are not trained to heal.  They are trained to alleviate problems with medication and surgery, which isn’t always the solution. In an emergency, those steps are necessary, however, with most illnesses, there is usually a healing process.  Medication and surgery can sometimes be a part of the healing process, but they should when possible and under the proper circumstances be used as a last resort.


For example, when a patient goes into the doctor’s office with a migraine, they are usually given medication for the pain.  That’s fine for a temporary solution; however, that kind of treatment does not address the underlying reason for the migraines…which could be anything from allergies to cancer.


Some doctors might send you to a lab for testing, but you must understand that most tests requested by doctors are not adequate.  If you had migraines that were being caused by allergies or cancer… wouldn’t you want to know?


Sure, it’s a relief not to feel pain immediately after you’ve taken some medicine… but it’s just a “mask,” a Band-Aid to cover what actually might be making you sick.  A “quick fix” may make you feel better in the short term; however, you must be aware, that whatever is ailing you will come back stronger if the root of the problem is not dealt with.


Unfortunately, it is often the case that a healthcare provider is not always a healer.  In order to heal, a healthcare provider must understand that the healing process is a journey taken between physician and patient.


Without a partnership on behalf of the patient, no healing can occur.  A good healthcare provider understands this.  To actually get to the root of the problem, acceptance of the healing process is necessary.


This means that short cuts (such as medication and surgery) should be avoided if possible, in order to reveal the underlying problem of what is really going on.  Patience is required to allow the source of the problem to reveal itself.   With our advanced testing and integrative medicine approach, we can find that missing link.  Schedule your first appointment online today or call us at (509) 241-3742 to find out more.


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