Philosophy of Healing

A combination of Eastern and Western medicine philosophies, as well as alternative and conventional treatment modalities integrate with other disciplines that give new insights into old problems. Exhibiting compassion and mindfulness for the needs of others creates an atmosphere of trust and promotes healing.


The following are principles of healing, treatment and conduct that my staff and I strive for in delivering healthcare to patients:


  1. Treat immediate illness as needed.

  2. To strive for excellence in all things.

  3. To deliver safe and effective healthcare

  4. To use a combination of wisdom and experience 

  5. To participate in continuing education to keep updated on information about the role stress and nutrition play in acute/chronic illness

  6. To use an integrated medicine approach to healthcare for those under or over nourished

  7. To maintain appropriate standards and boundaries for personal and patient health

  8. To never lose sight of individual differences

  9. To use insight and instinct whenever possible


With respect to specific illness, my core treatment philosophy includes:

1) detoxify the body

2) decrease pathogen load

3) decrease inflammation

4) support the immune system


My hope is that in the next decade, we find therapeutic agents with new mechanisms of action that complement existing natural and pharmacologic treatments, which eliminate the unnecessary suffering that my patients with acute/chronic illnesses experience. New and ongoing national and international research efforts offer promising insights into future therapeutics for fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and associated immune disorders.


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Our Philosophy